Meet Pam

I have been happily married for over 28 years and am the proud mother of four.  We are a very blended and fun family with a mixture of yours, mine, ours and theirs.   We have taught several classes for step families resulting in very positive feedback stating that each family was equipped to move forward.  I have researched and authored the book “Blended but not Broken, Hope and Encouragement for Blended Families”.   Since three of our four children have at least one other parent, we have experienced most everything associated with the blending of a second marriage and family.  Second marriages with children have a very high rate of divorce (67%) due to the additional strains and stresses placed on them.  I have experienced the pain of divorce and the work associated with the blending of a step family so I love to help others in these areas as well as with any other relationship issues that may pertain to your life.

I am a Life, Family Relations and Leadership Coach working with a diverse spectrum of clients to help them discover their life purpose, reawaken their dreams and assist them to attain those dreams through goal setting and planning with the added specialization in family relationships, divorce/separation counseling, blended family issues and emotional well-being.

I am a teacher and have taught both in private and public schools.

I helped to found and build a local Family Planning Center serving not only on it’s board but also as a Counselor and Life Skills Training Speaker in schools as well as correctional institutions for troubled youth.

I am a planner and well organized.  My top five strengths are Empathy, Developer, Inclusive, Faith, and Connection.


Bachelor of Science/Psychology.

Professional Certified Life Coach through Lifeforming Leadership Coaching.