How Can I Help You?

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Are you stuck?  Want a change? Is there a habit you’d like to get rid of or would you like to form a new, positive one?   Has stuff happened and you find yourself going through something you never dreamed of such as a divorce?  How are your relationships?

I am a Professional Certified Life Coach with Empathy and Developer as two of my top five strengths.   I can empower you to reach your goals, both short and long term; and together we can determine your individual and very significant life purpose.   I also specialize in family relationships and blended family concerns.  Having been through a divorce myself some 30 years ago,  I can help you through the mourning process and help you to rediscover yourself and reclaim your  lost dreams.  I will help you to discover how to enjoy an INTENTIONAL LIFE.


What is Life Coaching?

Whereas counseling looks back to foster healing from the past, coaching looks forward with hope to take you to where you’d like to go.  It is empowering and breeds new life.





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