Hear what people are saying about how coaching with Pam affected their life:

“Through my work with Pam, I have learned who I am and my value as a person.  It has literally been life-changing.   I highly recommend Pam not only as an insightful coach but also because she has become my friend.”  Susie, Homemaker

“I first met Pam Rohr in her “Your Life Starring You” group coaching workshop.  I felt attracted to the irresistible message — uncover your purpose and recover your passion — so I attended the workshop and then started weekly coaching with Pam. Since starting coaching with Pam Rohr and Nouveau Life Coaching, my faith is stronger, my boundaries are firm but loving, and I am learning and living the valuable practice of forgiveness. I am so grateful for Pam’s example and coaching to help me live “more abundantly” and joyfully.” ~ Rhonda, Businesswoman

“Working with Pam was such a gift!  This program is amazing, and her insights right on.  As I was working through each module, my strengths and preferences became more clear.  I had the courage to step out and do what I believe God’s new calling was in this season of my life.  Within a year of finishing this course with Pam,  I completed the certification I needed, and found a new career.  For the first time, and with Pam’s encouragement, I’m doing what I love — the job I go to every day doesn’t even feel like work!
I would recommend Pam Rohr as a personal coach to anyone who wants to clarify their goals and unravel God’s best for the latest season in their lives.”~ Lisa, Patient Advocate

“I am a divorcee with learning disabilities;  Pam rescued me from possibly losing my home.  She empowered me to take charge of my finances and helped me with some emotional issues.” ~  RuthAnn, Former Businesswoman

“Coaching has really awakened me to who I am.”  ~ Student

“Pam really helped me to focus on the areas in my life that needed attention by showing me a methodical way to evaluate each area of my life.   She helped to establish steps to improve those areas and also helped me to prioritize.  Pam helped me to discover within myself what I value most in my life and how to put first things first for myself and my family.  I highly recommend Pam as a coach.”~  Graham, Businessman

“Pam is well qualified as a coach, not only because of her formal training, but because of her giftings and her knowledge.  She encouraged me to look at the different areas of my life and then I choose an area to work on.  She encouraged me to express my dreams and desires and enabled me to design a plan to make them happen. With that plan of action came a time line, support, and accountability to foster an environment of equipping me to get done do what I wanted to do.”~ Dottie, Teacher